Bibliothèque de mouvements

Groupe musculaire

Bascule vers l'avant parallettes

Biceps curl

Biceps curl banc incliné

Biceps curl double DB

Biceps curl prise marteau

Biceps curl rings gainage

Box jump

Bulgarian squat

Burpees box jump

Burpees facing bar

Burpees over bar

Butterfly pull up

Chest to bar strict

Chest to bar strict band

Chest to barre butterfly

Chest to rings pieds sol

Chest to rings strict

Chest to rings strict + scapula

Chest to rings strict false grip

icon play
chest to transition

chest to transition

Clean and jerk no feet


Cluster double DB

icon play
Combiné bench 1/2 rep double DB

Combiné bench 1/2 rep double DB